Writing Center Consultant Application: Instructions


Keep in mind that we have both institutional (stipend), workstudy, and scholarship positions available. However, the institutional positions are fewer in number and may be taken by current consultants wishing to switch from scholarship. All positions require roughly 60 hours of work per semester (depending on university max for the particular semester). You will be scheduled four hours of consultation per week, and there will be an additional hour per week of staff meeting and workshop time. First-semester consultants are required to take ENG 403, the Practicum in Writing Consultation course (2 cr.), during their first semester.

There are three stages to the hiring process: application, consultant interview, and director interview. The Writing Center will hire qualified applicants until the available positions are filled. Applications must be submitted by March 29th. The interview process will run from March 4th until March 28th. By April 18th, the hiring process will be completed.  By that date, all applicants should know their hiring status.

In order to be considered for the consultant position, applicants must submit the following materials:
  1. The online application at http://writingcenter.truman.edu/apply.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from members of Truman faculty (preferably), faculty from other colleges or universities, or high school instructors.  You'll also need one letter of recommendation from a Truman student.  These recommendations may be emailed to write@truman.edu.  In fact, they can be in the body of the email (no need for fancy paper).
  3. Two writing samples between four and twelve pages in length each. These may be scholarly works, or one may be creative prose. These should be examples of your best writing and thinking. If your sample is longer than twelve pages, please select an excerpt and feel free to summarize the absent sections.
  4. A letter of application describing your interest in the position.
The last two items must be submitted by email (write@truman.edu) or in person at the Writing Center by March 28th. Applicants who do not submit all application materials will not be notified that materials are missing. If you haven't heard from us within a week of your application submission, you may wish to email write@truman.edu requesting further information.

A selection of applicants will advance to the mock consultation/consultant interview stage. Candidates will be interviewed first by a current writing consultant and will then go through a mock conference with a current consultant. Candidates who successfully make it through this stage will then interview with the Director.  Please note that all application materials will be shared only with current Writing Center consultants.

There is competition for these positions.  Each semester, many of the candidates will be highly-qualified and ready to hire.  If you are cut, it does not mean you're not highly-qualified and ready to hire.  We urge you to try again next year.

If you have further questions, email us at write@truman.edu or stop by McClain 303. 

If you understand and agree to this process, put a check mark here and click the following button to go to the application form.